A Range of Research Packages To Choose From

These packages are designed to give you excellent value for money research based on records from the 19th and 20th centuries. All our packages will present the information found in a folio containing a pedigree tree, all source documents collected during the research and a generation report, documenting sources used and suggestions for further research.

Family Trees make an unusual and interesting gift but take time to research so order one well in advance of that special occasion.  If you don't have enough time to gather your information for a tree then you can give one of our pre-paid  gift vouchers available here.

Edwardian Family Group Portrait

Starter Package    £60

This package will get your family history kick-started. Using the GRO records and census returns we wil trace back one surname 3 generations giving you relevant dates for births and marriages, finding out where your ancestors lived in 1901 and what they did for a living. Includes 2 GRO certificates.

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1920's Engaged couple

Intermediate Package  £150

We will research one of your surname lines back to before the beginning of civil registrations to the early 1800's. Includes at least 3 GRO certificates and information extracted from the 19th Century census.

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Marriage Certificate

Extended Package   £280

In this package we wil research two names back to the early 1800's. Alternatively we will research 4 surnames back through 3 generations. These could for instance be those of your grandparents, which will take your tree back a total of 5 generations.

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Census Page Detail

Quadruple Package   £500

We will endeavor to take 4 surname lines back through 4 generations .

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Fan Pedigree Chart

The Full Tree Package    £950

The aim of this research will be to discover all the direct ancestors for 2 surnames going back 4 generations to the early part of the 19th Century. This will give you 60 direct ancestors and information about countless aunts, uncles and other relatives discovered along the way.

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Important Notes:

These packages set out the aims of the research project.  If all records are complete and intact these aims are acheivable but due to the vagaries of time and the ephemeral nature of some of the records completion is not always possible.  Sometimes your ancestors may have had reason to avoid registration or numeration in the census, so where no records exist, we will  not find them!  If during the course of research some avenues are severely curtailed we will refund part of the fees.  Payment  for the two smaller packages are payable when work is comissioned. For the other larger proects an initial deposit of £100 is required payable when the research is commissioned, followed by stage payments as the research progresses.