Family History & Genealogy Research

Candle making 19th Century Style

Everybody's family history can prove to be an insight on the present lifestyle of the individual. Do you come from a long line of musicians or do you owe your inquisitive nature to an inventor or engineer from the past? Do you share the same culinary skills as one of your ancestors? Our research packages are a good starting point. You can follow this up by commissioning specific research and perhaps fleshing out  your history with photographs of where your ancestors, lived, worked, worshipped, drank and  perhaps remain to this day.

Research Packages

These packages are an excellent way to get the basic research for your tree completed. A pedigree tree is like a route map through your ancestry indicating areas of further possible research which can put flesh on the bare bones and make your ancestors come alive.

Archives Research

London is the centre of the nations archives with all manor of information at places like The National Archives, The British Library, and various museums like the Imperial War and National Maritime museums.  Also close to hand are several County Archive Offices. We can extend the knowledge of your family by tapping into these valuable resources.

GRO Certificates and Census

We can find and order Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates for you given just a little information. We also have access to all the 19th Century censii and able to find your Victorian families.

Location Photography

We can bring your ancestors alive with photos of the streets they lived in, the churches they worhsipped in, the pubs they gathered in to meet friends and neighbours and possibly the places where they worked.

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