Image Manipulations and Photo Montages

Photo Composites

Photo composites can be created to high-light important events or give a visual record of someones life. Ideal for that special wedding anniversary, graduation or birthday celebration.

object removal

Object Removal

We all have photos of Aunty May with flagpole emanating from the top of her head or some other intrusive item takes emphasis away from the main picture subject. These annoyances can be removed to enhance the picture and diminish the impact of these intrusions

From £20

dancing cat

Adding People or Objects

Pictures can be given a novelty value by placing people, pets and objects into the image

From £20

Colour Tinted Print

Colour Tinting

This brings back the skills of yesteryear, where details can be picked out for emphasis or the entire image can be colourized.

From £15


Photo Montage

Montage creation involves the combining of two or more images into a single photograph on a common background giving the impression that it was shot as a single picture.  Elements that are to be combined need to have  been shot in similar circumstances where colour, contrast and lighting  quality and direction are compatible.

From £20

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