Photo Restoration & Repair Service

Old photographs vary enormously in the amount of restoration required, from a simple colour and contrast adjustment to highly detailed repairs and image rebuild. We have 4 levels of restoration one of which will be suitable for your original image. We like to think we are like a health service giving life back to your photos. Whatever level of service you need we are sure you will be delighted by the result


First Aid

Our base level will restore contrast and colour, remove occassional small scratches and blemishes from flat background areas.

Price includes scan and restored 6" x 4" archive photoprint.

From only £5.00

A Visit to the Doctor

Will administer all the First Aid above, plus remove small creases and blemishes from detailed areas such as faces and costumes and rebuild torn corners.

From £20 to £30

A trip to the theatre

A Trip to Theatre

Will include all of the above plus the surgeon will rebuild missing parts of the image, remove stains, discolourations and mould marks, larger scratches, marks, folds and tears.

From £30 to £40

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If you consider your photo has died please send it to us for a quotation.....we enjoy a challenge

From £40

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