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Frequently Asked Questions - Photo Restoration Services

Here is a selection of answers to our most frequently asked questions about our restoration service. They are grouped under the following headings:

Why Use GenByte

Q: Why ask GenByte to do the restoration - can't anyone with a computer restore their own pictures?
A: Yes it's true that home computers installed with excellent low cost graphics software means that good results can be achieved at home. However it takes time to master the techniques offered by these packages and the high end software has a greater range of facilities. For many people  acquiring the tools and skills required to undertake complex photo restoration is not a realistic proposition.

Q: What guarantee do I have that GenByte will do a good job?
A: We are professionally equiped, skilled technicians, relying on repeat business to sustain and grow our business. We ensure your satisfaction as the only way to continue our livelihood. In the unlikely event of you having a complaint, we do our utmost to address the grievance or your money back in full

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About GenByte Service

Q: How do you arrive at a quoted price?
A: The quotations are based on our experience of how long a restoration takes. Our quotes are detailed and honest, usually accepted and entirely without obligation.

Q: How long will it be before I receive my pictures?
A: We will respond with a quotation the day following receipt of the originals and you should receive the finished prints within 2 weeks after your order confirmation. If you have a deadline such as a birthday or special occasion please advise us at the outset and we will do all we can to keep to it.

Q: How long do you keep the restored files?
A: We archive all jobs onto quality DVD's so that you may order reprints or further modifications anytime in the future.

Q: How big can you enlarge a print to and can you take just a portion of a picture and enlarge it?
A: How much an image can be enlarged depends on the quality of the original, how much detail information is present and the surface texture (glossy finishes are best). Typically a 2-3 times linear enlargement is possible, more in some cases. Extreme enlargements can reveal faults and defects that are not apparent in the original. We will advise you if your desired enlargement will result in an unacceptable degradation or fuzziness of the image. We can produce photo enlargements up to 10" x 15" - please see our list of print prices. Any part of an original print can be selected for enlargement.

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My Origination

Q: Will my original be safe?
A: Yes. Your original is handled by a technician wearing linen gloves and will be scanned using a professional quality Epson scanner. Once copied the original is stored in an acid free archival storage system until it is returned to you suitably packaged and protected. We have never lost or damaged an original and plan to keep it that way!

Q: Are you limited on the size and what you can copy?
A: We can copy colour and b/w prints up to A3. Transparencies, negatives and slides mounted or unmounted up to a size of 10" x 8". We can also copy glass, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, tintypes and cartes de visit.

Q: My photogaph is stuck to glass inside the frame. What should I do?
A: Please do not attempt to remove it. Please give us a call and we will advise you on how to send the glass or frame to us as these can usually be scanned successfully.

Q: Can I send a scan I have made myself?
A: Yes we can work on your own scan, but bear in mind that results are dependent on the scan quality. We would scan in a resolution up to 12800 dpi in 48bit colour ensuring we capture all the detail in the original, creating files up to 100mb to do the restoration work on. These are archived indefinitely for future reference. You may send us a scan for a quotation on the work required, but we would prefer to scan your original for the restoration work as we will then have your original to refer to during the restoration work.

Q: Can you copy and restore a print from my computer printer?
A: This is generally speaking the worst type of original to work from. The inkjet print will have the ink pattern and texture embedded into it, a limited range of colours and possible printing flaws in it. It is much better to work from the digital file that produced the output.

Q: I now use a digital camera and have pictures on my computer I would like retouched. How can I get these to you?
A: The easiest way is to attach them to an email to us with your contact details so we can discuss the work you wisht to be carried out.

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The Restoration

Q: What can you do about fuzzy or out of focus pictures?
A: Some improvement is possible but success is not guaranteed depending on the degree of softness of the original.

Q: Can you re-create parts of a photograph that are missing?
A: Yes, often by reference to other parts of the photograph or possibly from another donor photo it is possible to rebuild images. If this proves not to be practical we will advise about other techniques that can be employed like selective framing or re-composition of the image.

Q: Can you combine different photos and images into a montage?
A: Yes, send us all the photos and clear instructions of which elements you want included and we will give you a guide and estimate of costs. If you require the montage to look as an original photograph, the elements need to have similar, texture, contrast etc. in order to look natural.

Q: I want the integrity of the original image to remain intact.
A: Naturally. We will not alter composition and backgrounds unless this is the only way to make a good restoration and will only be done with your entire approval before we proceed.

Q: My photo has stains on it, can they be removed?
A: In most cases they can be substantially reduced and often removed completely.

Q: Are there any types of restoration and reconstruction you will not do?
A: We will not falsify or amend images or documents so as to obviously deceive the viewer. Do not ask us to alter dates, signatures etc.

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