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Frequently Asked Questions - Family History Research

Here is a selection of answers to our most frequently asked questions about our genealogy research service..

What records do you consult?

For our 20th and 19th Century packages we consult the General Register Office Birth, Marriages and Deaths records, the Nineteenth Century Census and Parish Records. For other archives information see our reseach page here.

How long does the research take?

When researching the basic structure of your ancestry you can expect to proceed at the rate of two weeks per generation. This may appear slow, but it allows for the acquisition of birth and marriage certificates from the GRO. We will keep you regularly informed of our progress. Our starter package should complete in a month the intermediate package within 2 months and the Full Tree six to nine months to complete

What should I expect you to find?

For our Family Tree Packages we will research back from your ancestor of choice. We should be able to provide for each generation back full names with key dates for birth and marriages, and where these events took place. Occupations and details of where they lived with the names of their children and siblings. Further research results is dependant on what your interests are and what you are seeking. Research is totally flexible.

What guarantees do you offer?

Genealogy research is like creating a chain of links. Progress can only be made a link at a time. If a link at some point cannot be made then the chain is ended. If our research is curtailed by a missing link we will refund any pre payments made less an amount for the research conducted to date. I do however guarantee a professional and methodical approach to the research, concluding with a report of the records investigated and the supply of original certificates and documents obtained.

How and when do I pay you?

All research is payable in advance. Upon your first enquiry we will discuss what you require and dependant on this we wil agree stage payments which will become due as progress is made on your tree. I will include a Paypal button in the email correspondence or if in the UK you may post us a cheque for the agreed amount. Everything is always done by prior agreement.


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