Registration Certificates & Census Pages

These are the building blocks of ancestry trees. If you think the research packages offer too much for your needs then we can find and obtain specific to order official GRO birth, marriage or death certificates.

Certificate (supplied to UK)  £10.50    Certificate (supplied to Overseas address by airmail)  £12.50

If you are unsure of the date of the event we conduct a 5 year search at no cost.  Undertaking wider searches costs £5 per additional 10 year period.

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificates

These show the place and date of the birth. In cases of multiple births (twins etc) the time is also shown. In addition the mother's maiden and married names, the father's name and occupation are noted, as well as the informants name and address.

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificates

Marriage certificates record the date and place of the ceremony, names and marital status of bride and groom, their current address and age and occupations. (Ages are sometimes given as 'of full age' - meaning over 21).  Additional information includes the names and occupations of the couple's fathers, names of witnesses and whether banns were read or a marriage by license.

Death Certificate

Death Certificates

These will conclusively kill of your relations as they show the full name and occupation of the deceased, date and place of death and age at death. The certified cause of death is shown as is the name, address and relationship of the informant..

Census Page Detail

Census Pages

The censii of 1841 through to 1901 are very useful as they show the family members, their relationships, ages and occupations all listed under their home address

We can find and supply details for any individual in the census for  only £4 per census year.

To order certificates or census information please contact us here  

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